Moonlighting car keys - coding immobilizers
Moonlighting keys to motorcycles, scooters, tractors, forklifts and gas, heavy equipment
Moonlighting lost keys from the ignition lock cylinder or cylinder lock from the door of the car.
Erase the memory of ECU car keys lost or stolen
Regeneration inserts (repair locks).
Adjusting all the inserts (after exchange) to a single master key.
Moonlighting different keys housing.
Emergency opening the cars and housing.
Replacement / installation of locks and cylinders housing.
Sharpening: knives, scissors, knives and razors sitek from a meat grinder, swkatorów, blades of lawn mowers, etc..
It is possible the sale of locks and cylinders in a master CEY as well as their installation. There is also an opportunity to sell inserts and padlocks on a master key.
Implementation only for individual orders.
Quickly, cheaply and reliably.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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